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It Takes A Team

We provide unique, customized solutions for property owners who want to access their home equity (cash), in some cases, without moving out of their homes. Our team of specialized real estate professionals will collaborate to present you with firm, fair options to help you find relief from financial burdens.


Our Clients Are All Different...

Vacant / Abandoned Houses

Outdated / Repairs Needed

Trouble Selling / Expired Listing

Delinquent Loans / Pre-Foreclosures

Divorces / Family Disagreements

Inherited Homes / Probate

Rentals / Bad Tenants

Liens / Title Issues / Code Violations

Michael Schiff

The best way to sell by far! Very professional and courteous. They did everything they said they would do, when they said they would do it. I would high recommend checking them out!

Call For 2 Guaranteed Offers Today

(689) 215-6673


Our Services

Fast Cash

All of our clients want to maximize the amount of money they can access from their equity, whether it's from the sale of the home or another creative solution. We have multiple ways to get cash with or without moving from the property.

Competing Offers

One way to maximize the cash available for a homeowner to access is to get multiple buyers competing for the property. If you choose to sell your home, we know which buyers are willing to pay the most for it.

Home Valuation

One of the most important steps to help you get the most cash from your home is to accurately assess it's market value before and after repairs are complete.


Our team of contractors and proven vendors makes repairs a breeze. We have creative ways to get homes into sale-ready condition without burdening you with the up-front cost.

Property Inspections

Our team has dealt with every kind of repair imaginable on a home. If there are physical issues with the property, we will help you address them or find a solution in spite of them.

Know The Numbers

One option many of our homeowners take advantage of is renting their property or seller-financing for a fixed income. We will produce financial summaries to help homeowners make informed choices about turning their property into a monthly income.


Sometimes, we help owners deal with delinquent tenants who have damaged the property. Kicking out a bad tenant is an unpleasant process. Our legal professionals and property managers are equipped to handle it.

Legal Guidance

Our bench of real estate attorneys can help with title issues, fight foreclosures, facilitate probate for inherited homes, and address many other legal snags you may encounter.


You're In Good Hands

"La Rosa Realty was surprisingly easy to work with. No games, very professional."

Jamie Perpetua

"My situation was urgent. They acted fast. I am very pleased with their service."

Jason Lee

"La Rosa [Realty] made me feel understood. They listened to my needs and made me feel comfortable from the first call. Thank you so much for your help!"

Tammy Reeves

Step 1

Call us to chat about your property and the problem you are trying to resolve.

Step 2

We will conduct a Property Assessment and provide no-cost, no-obligation offers..

Step 3

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No Hassle Guarantee

All consultations and guaranteed offers are free. All proposed solutions are no-obligation and no-pressure. Our goal is to simply present creative solutions so you will know your options.


Our Mission

Norkis Fernandez

La Rosa Realty, Lake Nona

We have worked with property owners and families in every situation imaginable. I sympathize with homeowners who have urgent financial needs, but don't know where to turn.

When you are vulnerable, so many people try to take advantage of the situation... from investors presenting low-ball offers, to real estate agents who want long-term listing contracts, to real estate attorneys who charge high hourly fees to simply stall an inevitable foreclosure.

We are here to offer objective advice, so you can simply know the options available to you.

We are here for homeowners who want to access their valuable equity, whether it's a quick cash sale or other creative solution.

We offer options that are customized to each client's property and life-situation.

We look forward to learning about your property and offering unique options to help you move onto the next chapter of your life.

Warmest regards,


Gary Rice

La Rosa Realty is a life saver! My life turned upside down during the pandemic. I was worried about being homeless with my kids after missing a year of mortgage payments. They came through by helping me make repairs to sell them home and find a new place to live.

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